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newbuttons_47.jpgOk, the Matrix looks awesome but the commercials haven't been so amazing yet. I liked the Budweiser one with the zebra but I feel that they should have left out the last two lines - we knew it was a zebra and we didn't need the redundancy to state the obvious. There's definitely a lot of skin in the commercials as well and Jenifer Garner looks awesome in the upcoming Daredevil Movie. Oh yeah, the Hulk movie looks like tons of fun!


Jennifer Garner was amazing in Alias last night.

The creators of the show wrote that episode especially for the post Superbowl game audience.

Hey, they should write episodes to cater to that audience every week!

BTW, the post game ceremonies took too long, I was getting sleepy, but when Jennifer Garner entered the picture, I woke up and stayed up right through to the end.

I wonder how many people stayed up for Jimmy Kimmel?

I thought the commercials were lame too.

My favorite was the football player working in the office and totally wiping out all his coworkers.

"Those TPS reports always need a cover page!" Great refernce to the best workplace movie of all times Office Space, http://www.bullshitjob.com/officespace/.

That was my first Alias episode. I hope to write a review of it at some point soon.

Oh, and she's hot!

Alias is the best show on tv today. The obvious is Jennifer and don't get me wrong she is hot, but there is a lot more to the show than just her looks. The show has the greatest storyline I have ever seen of heard of. The great twists in the story every week just keep me on edge until next week's episode. I wish more people would watch it and pay attention to it. Every time I say that I like the show they ask if it is the "one with the hot chick spy" and I say yes and give the other reasons the show is so great. I do have to admit that she is what caught my attention at first but everything else about the show kept me coming back and I am proud to say that I have seen every minute of every show. This all may seem geeky but it is true. I can't wait until ABC releases the seasons on box set!