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The other day I visited the offices of Harmonix and participated in some playtesting of their soon to be released game called Amplitude, a sequel to their award-winning game, FreQuency. This game, for the Playstation2, is just amazing. I first played FreQuency at E3 almost two years ago but this was a full 4+ hour experience with access to developers and product managers. Chris and I each had our own setup and we'll both definitely be on line to get this when it ships. The game is really hard to explain what it does but basically, tons of great songs are cue up and you need to hit the targets correctly on various tracks as they zoom buy to get the entire song to play. It's visually stunning and the music isn't some cheesy midi thang... it's songs from artists like David Bowie, Weezer, Garbage, and a few others that can't be discussed yet. After 4 hours, I had to stop cause my arm was aching but I am hoping to be invited back for more soon! Great work guys!