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elmo.jpg So I'm watching Elmo's World (awesome effects!) and I notice that Elmo is left-handed. I'm left-handed and I found it interesting that they would actually go so far as to make a puppet a lefty as well. I wonder if the created is a lefty. Any other famous lefties out there we should be aware of?


Famous Left Handers:

A few Highlights:
Gerald Ford ?(1913- ???) 38th
Ronald Reagan ?(1911 - ???) 40th
George H.W. Bush ?(1924- ???) 41st
Bill Clinton ?(1946- ???) 42nd
Charlemagne, Holy Roman emperor
Julius Caesar, Roman general
NapolČon Bonaparte (?), French emperor
Dave Barry, journalist
Alan Funt, television producer
Jimi Hendrix
Dan Aykroyd
Keanu Reeves
Phil Esposito (hockey)
Cam Neely (hockey)
Terry Sawchuk (hockey)
John McEnroe (tennis)
Wade Boggs ? (baseball)
Tommy Lasorda (baseball manager)