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Inside the Actors Studio with the Simpsons

BravoTV: Inside the Actors Studio has the cast of The Simpsons on tomorrow night at 8pm. Yes, I will be watching. Ironically, it's on the same time as The Simpsons. Isn't that a bit odd? Yes, yes it is.


Why did Julie Kavner (Marge) just get up and leave in the middle of the interview without saying a word. Seemed very strange. James Lipton didn't even comment on the fact that one moment she was there, the next she was gone. It happened during a commerical break. Does anyone have a clue?

i recently saw the repeat of inside the actors studio with the simpsons. i laughed my ass off! does anyone have a copy of that or know where i can get one? my search is on!

Does anybody know who plays JIMBO on the simpsons? And what does Ashton Kutcher have to do with the simpsons?:huh: