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Toy Stories

toystory.jpg I have had the pleasure of watching Toy Story and Toy Story 2 about (without exageration) 23 times in the last 7 days. Do the math. It's a lot. Now I would imagine that with any movie, animated or not, one might get ill from watching it this many times. _That being said, I find it amazing that I still enjoy watching them._ Don't get me wrong, I am not choosing to watch these ad infinitum but there is a person near and dear to me who has not been feeling well - some wildly exciting fevers, etc. - and he keeps asking for these movies. What suprises me is that every time I watch them, I find new things that I realize are really funny, amazingly detailed, stunningly clever, or just plain brilliant. I would say that these two movies are probably as close to perfect as you can get. From the writing, to the animation, to the lighting and reflections. The quality is so subtle that you don't even notice it. It just feels so real on all levels. After showing #15, I think I began to just look for all the hidden jokes. If you haven't seen them, you're really missing out on something. If you haven't seen them recently, go watch them again. Oh, and I just found out that after March 31, Disney / Pixar is pulling them off the shelf for good (like they do with all their titles, oddly enough). If you're a fan (or not) of these movies, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


I love these movies.. seen 'em as many (or more) times as you. They get better each time!

Monsters, Inc is another goodern!

I love them too .. so do my kids
I know how you feel..

Did you spot the Mac OS 9 Trash can in Toy Story 2 ? When Woody dreams that he's being trashed by Andy ?