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Idiot TV Continued

So I watched the "finale" of Joe Millionaire tonight. I'm going to call myself Joshua Millionaire for a day or two in celebration of the show ending and getting my Tuesday night back. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm really a construction worker and I make only $19,000 a year. If you're on the West Coast, don't read any further if you're planning on watching it. Comments, in no particular order: a. I'm glad it's over. b. Wait, it's not over, there's another show next week that with an interview with Zora and Evan, the first time they're since they left the show. Does that make any sense? Do they hate each other already? How is it they haven't seen each other since the end of the show? c. He made to correct choice but Sarah is definitely the hotter one. My prediction, Sarah, more than even Evan, will strike it big from that show. How long till the Girls of Joe Millionaire show up in the pages of Playboy... 4 months.. tops. d. This one has been bugging me for weeks: What kind of construction worker makes only $19,000 a year? Seriously, they make a lot of money. Sure, it's not millions unless you're a general contractor but something has to be wrong with you if you only make $19k a year. Plumbers, painters, electricians, framers, demolition specialists, etc. all make more money that $19k a year. Am I totally off here? Please, let me know. e. The first hour was a complete waste. Once again, thank you Tivo. I love you. f. Cynthia says that ring is too small. g. Finally, what does it really mean to be chosen if they didn't know they were going to get a million bucks to split? Seriously. If Zora turns out not to be the one, why couldn't Evan call any of them. Also, isn't Zora going to have a bit of a tizzy when she sees that Evan did the nasty with a number of the other women? The show was annoying. I'm not going to watch the stupid interview next week either.


I love my TiVo too.

Zora is hotter than Sarah!

Heating your apartment with your stove isn't the best idea. You could start a fire with your window blinds!

"Iím not going to watch the stupid interview next week either."

Yes you are.

I watched the last 15 mins. Yikes.

I just heard about the heating the apt with the stove. Let's hope they don't reproduce.

I happen to like Joe Millionaire,the girls are plain cheap. He looks sincere and can read women like an xtray machine. Women can really psyched themselves up to believe that a guy is in love with them - which is very sad. Oh, yes I am going to watch the aftermath.