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Unsupported Technology.

So AOL totally munged my IM and says my password is invalid. We already know that but for added fun they can't seem to send me a new password. It just never shows up in email. It's like my account just vanished into thin air. Although this happened a few years ago to me and then clearled up, a day or so later, we're not seeing anything like that now. When you have 125+ users on your list, this actually becomes quite a problem if you've been using this as a constant form of communication. Calling AOL is useless. "It's a totally automated support product. There is no one to talk to about it." Ever. And don't think that emailing will work. It won't. There's no one to email to. "It's a totally automated support product." Good times.

And then to add insult to injury, my Eurdora mail program corrupted my In Box. 1247 messages no completely unretrievable. Can you say who's the dope for not backing up? Good times.

So to counter all of this technological bad karma, had to get something done to counteract it all, so I set up a new MT weblog for Laquidara.


You can set me up with MT any time you like :)

I've looked at it a few times. Scratched my head and looked away.

Sorry about your IM and Eudora. Hopefully your username will start working again. As for Eudora, did it ask you to rebuild it? You said "no", didn't you?

I just cleaned up my inbox.

Now I have 0 msgs in it.

Just like you!

Did you do that just to make him feel better?

If he did, it didn't work. :-)

Your are not the only one.