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Grammy Recap

Comments on tonight's Grammy Awards... in the order they came to me: Opening performance by Simon and Garfunkel: Absolutely awesome. I wasn't even going to watch this show but this performance totally got me hooked. Yes, I'm old-old-school, whatever. 7-Up Guy? Who are you, and please shut up. Willie Nelson / H&R Block Advertisement: Yes it was already on the Superbowl but it was still great. "My face is burning!" Is Paul Schaefer trying to be the next Liberace?
[Apparently many years ago I was kind of a doofus. Apologies.] Can someone please teach these guys how to handle sound equipment or is the audience just amazingly rude? You could hear them talking constantly during the presenters' speeches. Also, during Robin Williams' ridiculously self-absorbed introduction of Bruce, there was an amazing grounding hum buzzing through the sound. Nice. James Taylor and Yo Yo Ma: Awesome. They should tour together. I haven't seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding yet but I did buy the DVD and plan on watching it this week. However, that TV show based on the movie looks absolutely idiotic. If the movie is anything like that TV show, I'm going to be significantly disappointed. Word of the week: Fred Durst of Limp Biscuit: "We're all in agreeance here." Ashanti: Hot but horrible. When Eminem was performing, could the crowd be any more comatose? Aretha Franklin and Harvey Fierstein : Twins? Norah Jones kicking Eminem's ass in all the awards. (Great album by the way.) Awesome. Don't get me wrong, I think Eminem's album and music is great. I just think the concept of him in the same category, let alone winning, is really funny. How many did she actually win, like 37 Grammys? Did you know that it's actually spelled Grammys and not Grammies? Is that bad Grammy grammar, grandma? Alicia Keys: I think this will be the last time we ever hear from her. Ok, I'm bored. Honestly, I wish there were more war commentary, either pro or con from the musicians. This industry has gotten so ridiculously sanitized and corporate. Show a little bit of something other than skin. (Don't stop showing skin of course.) Clash Tribute: Amazing. Of course it's always great to hear Elvis and Bruce together.


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Simon Cowell would say that Ashanti showed no emotion in that performance.

America would have voted her off the show.

I stopped and watched Simon and Garfunkel too... but I turned the channel shortly after that. (short attn span) I did see Norah Jones get a few of her awards (commercial flips back), which made me very happy. Her album *is* great.

I also love the Willie Nelson commercial. I can't stand Paul Schaefer.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding was an excellent movie, and yes the TV show looks BAD.

CBS would not send out advance review copies of the Fat Greek show, almost always a sure sign of a stinker. Damn shame, Nia V. was very funny on SNL earlier this year, she has talent, she shouldn't let herself be a one hit wonder.

I totally disagree with you concerning Alicia Keys not being heard of again after the Grammy 2003. You underestimate the people that love her music, old, young, white, black, and of all other races and so on. I am 46 and love her music and know for sure the public is anxious to hear her second album. It will be #1 on the charts the first week it comes out.

what was wrong with alicia keys' skin at the grammys, .. did anyone else notice it?