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Idiot TV. It's Really Over Now.

You know, any episode of Joe Millionaire where we get to hear Melissa butcher the English language, is ok with me. "Her and Evan..." Alison is still my favorite because she asked to be kicked off the show. I can't remember the exact quote but it was something along the lines of "I'd rather date a billy goat." Who is Mark L. Whalberg (sp?), other than a horrible interviewer? Seriously, how did he get that gig? The Joe Millionaire message boards are full of angry viewers. Clearly, these guys don't have their own web site. Ahh... next week you can watch Married By America. This time though, you will be alone. I want my Mondays back. I have some coding and hacking to catch up on.


I watched.

I enjoyed it.

As I was watching, I kept saying to myself, "Hey, this show isn't that bad. I like it."

I liked it best when that cute blonde was crying at the end.