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U.S., Pakistan Question Sept. 11 Mastermind Suspect, Six Feet Under.

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - The suspected mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks was being interrogated by U.S. and Pakistani agents on Sunday after what Washington called the biggest catch so far in the war on terror. Damn, I thought Evan Marriott was the biggest catch. I can't keep today's news straight.

On the lighter side, HBO's Six Feet Under begins it's third season tonight. I must say I'm giddy. Yes giddy. There has been nothing to watch on TV lately, with the exception of NBC's The West Wing... and my Tivo burped on me last week and didn't record it. Instead I got some dancers on public television. Clearly a right wing conspiracy. I hope my excitement for Six Feet Under doesn't cause me to be disappointed. I was pretty jazzed for The Sopranos and felt like this past season was a huge letdown. I'll write up some thoughts after tonight's show.


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