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Six Feet Under Review [Spoilers!]

If you haven't seen tonight's Six Fix Under season premiere and plan to watch it, don't read any further! Still here? Good. Actually, great. That's what tonight's season opener was, meeting or beating all my high expectations. The "Is Nate Dead or Not" first 15 minutes was so wonderfully done and the show as a whole completely drew us back in. I love the concept of Nate flat-lining and how that may come into play over the coming season. Also, not a word from Brenda which keeps you wondering how they're going to bring her back. My prediction is that by the end of the season, she's actually going to be a likable character... or dead... or both. Claire going back to her reckless ways really bummed me out. She was just starting to get her life together... couldn't they keep her stable for at least a couple of episodes? Finally, it's true... don't feed peanut butter to your kid before they turn at least one, but our doctor told us three. That being said, two grandmothers have already violated that rule with both peanut butter and almond butter and so far no problems. Don't grandmother's know anything? Just kidding! One final thought, the HBO page synopsis of the episode wrote: "Ruth goes overboard in her obsession with her granddaughter Maya." I disagree on that writers take. The reason she got snubbed was cause the Nate's now wife is freaking cause her boss, played wonderfully by Catherine o'Hara, is a total pyschopath. Good times.


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Claire should have gone to class.






Tämä on kiva ohjelma. Katson sen joka päivä. Claire on siitä paras.

I once knew a young man named Nasser Abedini...was wondering if the person who posted a message here could be the same individual

I thought the season opener sucked. It had 10 minutes of new material, the rest of the content were re-runs of past shows. It was a waste of time.