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Email of the Week.

I get a lot of email from running this site. I've decide that now each Wednesday will be Email of the Week Wednesday. Catchy title, eh?
This week's email is from someone who identified themselves as Goat. It's short, sweet, and to the point. From: Goat i am a fam of your chiken pox dog. How do you wear your underwear? I'm not really sure what it means but it moved me.


The first line must be code for something. We must decode it!

The 2nd? Really, how do you wear your underwear?

I thought I'd type in Joshu.com to see what I would find. I thought I might run into Jesus' heritage.

The real Joshua was so mighty in spirit, so I thought this might be a church or something.

I thought about doing similar with my search engine requests but they are mostly people looking for nude photos of people I've mentioned (I'm one of Google's top sites for Naked Christina Aguilera, sigh).

My Gullibility isn't in the dictionary weblog gets occasional hate mail from Baptists but I've never received anything nearly as funny as the couple you've posted.