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X vs XP

Dan Pouliot has created the X vs XP (as in Apple's OS X vs. Microsoft's XP) website. The great debate continues.


Why can't we all get along? Once again, the Mac vs. PC debate is cast in sweeping terms, when if you read down deep in the page, the author admits that the comparison is 'narrowly focused on . . . creative profssionals'. At least he admits it (albeit under his breath) - although he goes on to say that he believes the site is 'mostly objective'. Yikes. More and more, individual Web sites (and especially blogs) are taking on characteristics similar to totalitarian state-run media where objectivity is self-defined and prophecies can easily be self-fulfilling due to the natural self-selection of the community. Self-this, self-that.

You won't find many PC users who claim that the best choice for creative/multimedia work is anything but a Mac. But, for some reason, Mac fanatics often feel the need to claim that they've won the war when all that's really certain is the outcome of one (very important) battle.

I'd bet this guy is still talking about the Newton when people whip out their Pocket PCs.

I have one more thing to say. The author encourages the reader to 'read through [Microsoft's] marketing spin' when checking out XP.

Why is it that Microsoft's (more successful)marketing people are considered servants of some sort of malicious cause, while Apple's haughty 'Think Different' and ultra-smug 'Switch' campaigns (often barely discernible from Gap ads) are considered masterworks of modern advertising?

That said, Microsoft's product management and partner relations people certainly were and possibly still are evil, with what they did to force the monopoly of IE (which was the superior product and should have been left to succeed on its own).

I like that new Gap ad with the cute girl jumping on the furniture.

whats up crackhead do you smoke weed.

If you want to bash the site, how about bringing up *actual* points rather than just smug pronouncements? That site compares hundreds of issues between X and XP. You're commentary didn't mention ONE!