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Free Fonts from Dinc

I found these fonts, free from dinc via a link from the Links Weblog. Great stuff at both sites.


I wasn't sure if the Links Weblog was worth doing. Thanks, Richard

Once I get a font, how do I add it to my Mac?

I remember a Suitcase back in the early days.

How do you do add fonts now?

Steve: I assume you're using OS X? If you have multiple users on you Mac and want all of them to be able to use them, drop the fonts into the fonts folder that lives in the library folder that you'll find on the TOP level of your hard drive.

If you want only one user to be able to use them, put the fonts in the fonts folder that lives in the library folder of said user's home directory.

Have font fun!:grin:

Yes I'm using OS X.

I downloaded a font and it had a .suit extension

For some strange reason my font folder ended up on my desktop, so i copied it back to the library folder, then copied the font into the font folder, but no new font showed up in word after i took a look in word.

I bet that the suitcase needs to be unpacked.