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I can't watch any more of the Oscars.

I'm going to sleep. The ridiculousness of a movie like Chicago beginning a near sweep is taking out all the fun out of it. I don't know who is really watching these movies but to tell me that Catherine Zeta-Jones bested both Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore in anything, let alone a supporting actress role, is just plain idiocy. I can feel the biggest oh my god what were they thinking moment coming... they're going to give Nia Vardalos an award for the insipid My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Am I the only person who thought that movie was painful at best? Sorry to be a complete bitch-fest here but these awards, save the Oscar to Chris Cooper for Adaptation - now that's a movie and a role to be not only awarded, but proud of. Congrats Chris. Definitely the most interesting part of the evening... Michael Moore tearing our president a new one about the war and being both cheered and jeered off the stage. Congrats on your Oscar nonetheless.

Ok, I'm still watching as I'm typing. Julia Roberts looks awesome - and Chicago lost an award to Road to Perdition - are things possibly looking up? Nope, I spoke to soon... Robin Williams is back to doing his schtick. Sigh. Please tell me that when I wake up tomorrow, Lord of the Rings: Two Towers wins best picture and that Chicago hasn't won anymore. Please. I can dream can't I? That's what I'll be doing. Good night.


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Did anyone esle think that some of Steve Martin's jokes were out of line. Oh, the stars who were his targets seemed amused, but what else are they going to do with a camera two inches from their faces? I thought Martin's intro was very well done though. He was so confident up there. Nice job.

I too fell asleep on the Oscars, but , like the war, I caught the highlights at the top of the hour.

The big kiss Brody laid on Berry was great, as was her reaction.

BTW, I had a great time skiing at Loon yesterday, and I'm off to Waterville today.

The troops are on my mind and I hope they all remain safe.