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Charles' Blond Joke

Laquidara has an awesome picture of a blonde anti-war protestor.


Hey josh-this is sandy from the camera show...
I've been poking around your journal and had a laugh, I enjoyed the video you did for your bro. Good music selections and very funny and sincere, he must have been flattered, it is such a great piece for him to watch as he gets old...older. Whatever. I have to agree about the oscars, mostly about the chicago part, who the hell really watches those things?? Actually the radio show, "standing room only" on WERS on sat. afternoon is all show tunes and when i worked there they would raise more money for the station then any other show, so they are out there!! scary, i agree.

Oh and Michael Moore had to do something "controversial" so that he would be on the news today. I love him to death, but thought he might come up with something a little more thought provoking. Instead he sounded like a 12 year old yelling at his parents. Speaking of news, i noticed you were sick of the CNN and the disgraceful Foxnews, do you have digital cable? Cuz we get the BBC america which is doing a pretty good job of giving different sides of the story. Though now that the war fully under way, they might not be able to show a lot of international news broadcasts like they were at the end of last week. It was interesting to see how chinese, jordan, iran, etc. media was reporting the story as the war was beginning. Check it out anyway, still wanna do lunch? drop me a line.

Don't think that pics actually real...or does everyone know that and I'm pointing out the obvious?:undecided:


That picture isn't real!