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Phone Jack meets MacGyver

This morning, the phone cord that runs the phone and DSL in my office got kicked and ripped out the guts of the phone jack from the wall. Since I didn't have an extra wall jack handy, I had to do some emergency MacGyver type of surgery to get the internal pins unbent. Then, since the place where you plug the phone cord in wouldn't stay seated (the snaps broke off) I needed to use a Vise-Grip clamp to hold it on. However, I couldn't find mine so I took some regular pliers and taped it in a held position. The final result is what you see above. Clearly I'm back online.


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hilarious. if it gets worse, or you want to be able to make it look super-pro, you could go to this do it yourself page. more links like that and tons of other wacky goodness 2b found on our links pages. and thanks for commenting. -- eli

been there, done that; solid work though!

if it get's you back online, I'd leave it like that for months.