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Gas... $600 a gallon for a tank in Iraq.

Read the full story at the Financial Times site.


I don't know. Are you surprised that the price of gas is 600$ a gallon in iraq? their being bombed, man. I'm surprised that it isn't a thousand dollars. I wonder why they are not rioting or something like that.

Yeap, they're gonna hate you!
I don't know I'm really confused, maybe I've being watching too much cnn :cry:

Are you insane or just stupid Forest???!!!
Gasoline in Iraq doesn't even cost a half US dollar in Iraq! You can get 100 octane at ANY station in Iraq for the no more than .20 US CENTS per gallon! And even this figure is high. Yeah, 600 dollars sounds astronomical, but that's Iraq dinars, NOT US dollars!!!!
This kind of misinformation really gripes me. Like the $200.00 cantaloupes in Japan! Convert to US dollars and cantaloupes are actually cheaper in Japan!