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I got a new GameBoy SP!

Per Jay's recommendation / insistence, I went out and traded in my regular GameBoy Advance for a GameBoy SP. It's great and finally makes a lot of games actually playable thanks to the new back-lit display. I have finally started playing Castlevania: Circle of Moon again (it's been in my drawer for over a year) and it's wonderful to actually be able to see the screen. Now if I could only figure out what to do next. I'm totally stuck (see above) as I can't figure out where I should be going next... help!


I'm still piszed at the nintendo people and the fact that the thing still has two buttons. why why why why WHY?
more buttons need people - why doesn't anybody realise that?:cry:


Where did ya trade your old gameboy advance in for the new sp?

i got a game boy sp lol if u need help with any pokemon game email me yo lol

Dude, play Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. It is way better than the circle of moon crap.

Dude, play Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. It is way better than the circle of moon crap.


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More buttons? MORE BUTTONS! It has them! The SP has shoulder buttons...very similar to the R1,R2,L1,L2 buttons on a PS2 controller.


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i might get one for my birthday. in 3 days!!!

Hmmm I wonder what all the cussing is about. Must be somebody unable to find a broad. Anyway about the Gameboy, I do have a Gameboy ( the original version ) with a spiderman cartridge lying around here some where. But Ive jumped to the PC for the past 7 years. lol. Should try it out some time.

Yeah by the way my Birthday's exactly a month away, Aug 22. If not an SP am ready to settle for a new Graphics card. Just about a MX will do. lol. Keeping fingers crossed.

I am considering of buying gameboy sp but its very expensive...should i get it?

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sp are minty cool

gameboy SP shit hot

game boy sp is cooooooool p.s we have lives and were not gay or (fag).

i think that all of you could choose a better choice of words after all the game boy sp and others are for kids anyway. If you think it's so bad don't waste your money on it.

I'm only 6, and think you guys cuss too much. Momma tells me only stupid people cuss. So must be many stupid people come her. I like sp. My favorite game is mario2. I also like pacman. I'd like to butt bounce on the cussers heads and make them be nice. I'm looking for a new gameboy becasue I lost it. It sucks being without it.

I am getting a GB Sp for chrismas. Did you know you can recharge your batteries.

I am shocked by all these people cussing at these people playing gameboy ... you all must have way too much time on your hands as well if you have to come here to cuss and get a cheap thrill. Some day you will all be parents too and you will be in awe of yourselves. Obviously there are some pretty young kids on here. Get a life and leave these kids alone.

I agree to the statement of the shocked mom. Cussing leads to a bad life and you should all be ashamed to cuss in front of 6 or 9 year old kids!

My real name is colby. I don't like the language you use. I am a good parent and my son comes on this. I think my son does not like it either. He complains everyday about this mess.

It's colby again. I ask you, please stop cussing. Thankyou. :)

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sp rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolssssssssss

aculey i rool but sp rools as well

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should i get sp? it looks great, but i just don't know...

Absolutely. The regular advance should be tossed in comparison.

the game boy is bad a#$, im getting one for my girlfriend she loves to play it all the time

Surely you're not still stuck? Anyhow, it looks like you need to explore the bottom righthand side of the map, AKA "Underground Warehouse." You must beat Death, then go to the "Underground Waterway."

Whoops, meant to say LEFTHAND side of the map.

SP is as good the specs seem. This backlight is perfectly integrated battery recharges fast as hell (do you consider that cussing? I was brought up around cussing and do not understand why certain taboo words should be such. but anyuways if that offends you u have my apologies im just trying to express my philosophy on the subject)any ways the desighn is great the only problems i have found is that that I wish there couold have been 6 buttos like the super nintendo. PS:if you are looking for more mature games try zelda, golden sun (RPG), sword of mana (RPG/Adventure), and final fantasy tactics or fire emblem (both stratagy turn based game). hope this helped

i just bought an SP for my son, and i think it's well worth the price ;), but the stock charger seems to be slow on charging the battery :(..

but hey i highly recomend it to those who are used to play with the Gameboy Advance, i'm pretty sure you'll like it!..

and as for those irresponsible, uneducated, ill-mannered comments, as far as i understand it, those people who do those things, are people that were verbally/physically abused by their parents during their childhood.

by the way.. just a suggestion, if you could just delete those negative, useless comments, this will be a very informative site.


hi, does the GBA SP play the original GB games? I'm talking about the original GB that came out around 1987 or 1988... (probably something most of you reading wouldn't remember ;) )

hello igot a gmae boy sp and its well worth da money i mean u make it back on battery in da long run. ull be amazaded if ur makin da jump 4rom color 2 sp. SP RULES

yep it does

Hey, i got a gba but i don't know whether i should buy gp sp? But what if the next game boy which comes out is better? Anyone plz tell me whether should i buy it or not. By the way, this website is full of bad jerks!

Listen up, The GBA-SP is the greatest thing i have ever bought for entertainment. The GBA and the GBA advance is nothing compaired with the SP. Everyone, if you are concerned about buying a SP or the Advance, take my advise, Buy the SP. And you want to wait for a while, appox. 3 months, the price will go down to 89.99 and it will include a free game. So do what you want to do!

Buy the gameboy advance sp.it is worth the money i have one and it kicks butt i keep buying games for it.i have 13 games

If anybody hasnt bought it.buy it.its great i have one and the build in light kicks butt.the fun game is the sims bustin out for gba sp.the games i have are:
1.king of fighters Ex2
2.sims:bustin out
3.Mario Kart
4.Motor cross maniacs advance
5.Mario advance
6.Jutice League chronics
7.Mario 3
8.Mario World
9.Dragon ball Z 2
10/Mario deluxe
11.Mario Land 2
12.Mario tennis
13.Bugs bunny crazy castle 2
14.Donkey kong

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GameBoy Sp Has A battery charger And you dont need Light to play it,it's fold up like a lap top and the buttons are disined better.One more thing IT's AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME IT RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If you want some real fun try a flash rom cartridge. You can back all your games up to one cartrige. There are also emulators for nes, sms and an operating system for the gameboy called pogoshell to top it off.



.....um, i dink u guys should talk about where to get a sp cheap cuz i'm getting one in china(big cheap) price

on ebay it is a average of 75 bux

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can u stop swearing, its not big:angry::embarassed:

The only words spelled right are the cuss words, go figure. You should really think about what image of yourself that you are projecting to others. If the answer is "who cares?" then I just feel sorry for you. Someday you will care and then it might be too late. You can be fun and have fun without being foul!!

Ok i don't know about you guys but I ended up here for some reason.Now if anyone of you people know where to get sword of mana on gba then email me at Materix01@hotmail.com