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Amazing Honda Accord Advertisement / Movie.

Check out this movie from the Honda website. I could watch this about 10 times. (I'm currently up my third.) Thanks Cotton!


I haven't seen it. where izzit in the webpage. Please direct!~


Loved it since the first time I saw it. Brilliant!
However, I read a full page article in a London newspaper, claiming that it was actually real, and involved no computer graphics. 606 takes apparently to get it right!?

I don't believe it and think it is completely CG generated...can you offer any opinion or facts??


cant find full version on that website...

why cant they show it here in AUS?? (australia)

It is really amazing advertisement. Really the real example for Power of dreams. In life sometime for something, we try and leave it.
But in this advt. they have achieved it with materials and tool. Really superp.

They couldn't show it in Australia because it's too long and costs too much to run it. Also because, apparently the model in the ad was not being sold in Australia. (but i saw it on TV last night, so... i guess they are running it..???)

Well i have read that its all real and it took 606 takes to make it but im not satified with the part where the tyres with mags slowly nock eachother up a ramp it just doesn't look like there would be enought force to push them, they are too heavy!

But they claim that its not CG.

Guys, I viewed the ad the last three weeks but it seems like it is no longer available. Can't get access. Does anybody have any ideas on what happen?

the movie is now available here.

Stay fresh, always be fresh and it was pretty... fresh:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::grin::cheesy::grin::kiss::shocked::smiley::tongue::wink:

the tires have weights in them. they were perfectly set on the board and once something barely touches them the weight forces them uphill.
i thought this advertisement was AWESOME!!