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Don't Touch The Stove On The Sabbath!

It's the GE Profile Built-In Wall Oven with Sabbath mode. "Keeps cooked foods warm on the Jewish Sabbath or holidays in accordance with kosher law." Oy! Such a deal!


Well, there's something you don't see everyday. Pretty neat.

A friend who recently got a KitchenAid oven says hers has Sabbath mode as well:

"The Sabbath Mode allows tones, lights and error messages to be over-ridden. The oven will not automatically shut off after 12 hours and a set temperature can be maintained for extended periods of time. Only the "start" and '0-9' key pads will operate."

I think this is cool technology. But doesn't this seem like a great way to grow bacteria? Yum! :lipsrsealed:

I agree with the author.

how about a stove with Zeppelin mode? :grin: