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It's Not Like Were Making Money Here!

golden_dollar.jpg Oh wait, we are making money. So let me get this straight, the US Goverment makes money on printing presses and coin making machines. Then they send it out to banks and also use it to pay people. How can they keep printing money like this? I remember from my Economics class in college that the money supply is based on trust. Trust that if you give someone a dollar. they'll give you something of value in return. What's happening in Iraq right now? I wouldn't exactly trust those Baghdad dollars. I would trust some of those hundreds of millions of US dollars the soldiers found hidden in some false walls though. I guess they even trusted those US dollars so much that they decided to stash some away for themselves. Later they decided to give it back. So now the government has an interesting idea. They'll sell you some new money all packaged up in nice rolls for a premium. You can get a 25-Coin Roll of 2003 Golden Dollars with Philadelphia Mintmark for only $35.50! That's a $10 premium. If this excites you, take a look at the 2,000-Coin bag for $2,195!