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Email of the week.

Whaz up josh! This is josh here too! How ya doin bro haven\'t seen ya in a while!!!! Seen any good lookin girls down there yet? Your such a lucky guy to have all of those girls hagin on you like that! I have that problem too you know you just can\'t get them off of ya! Have a great summer!
From your number 1 fan

Hey, this is my number 1 fan guys and gals. If you want to be my number one fan, you better get cracking 'cause that title doesn't come easy, nor is it without a huge responsibility. But alas, you probably already know this.


what? writing blog entries to yourself is about as insane as talking to yourself. well basically.

Uh, that was an email sent to me. Did you really think I wrote it to myself?

I don't know. well yes. you can never tell with these blogs nowadays :grin:

who did I piss off now?