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Miserable Allergies.

Anyone else in the Boston (or surrounding suburbs) area dying from allergies? I am having the worst allergic reactions to the pollen in the air and haven't felt this miserable in any recent memory. My nose won't stop running. (I think the guy at the Sears tool checkout counter today thought I was a coke-head.) My eyes are ridiculously itchy and red. (And the woman at Home Depot surely thinks I'm stoned.) I am getting a lot done on the new house, including installing a dryer vent hose and external duct, and for the first time, actually used duct tape on a duct - it really works! I am taking Alavert which is one of those over-the-counter knock-offs of Claritin now that it's available without a prescription. It's supposed to work for 24 hours. It doesn't. But I am not sure if anything can make me feel 100% better at this rate. One neat thing is that the Alavert pill dissolves in your mouth so you don't need to be so inconvenienced by having to actually get a glass of water. It also leaves a minty taste in your mouth so although I look like I've been chopping raw onions for 48 hours without sleeping, at least my breath is fresh.


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I do not have an allergy. I do not have and allergy. I do not have an allergy.

But, my nose is runny and my eyes are watery. I haven't had this allegic reaction since I was a teenager and cut the rass at my parents house.

That was fun.

Mow. Blow nose. Mow. Blow nose. REPEAT

I used duct tape on my clothes dryer vent last week! It gave me the same sense of accomplishment that you are now feeling.

I once read that allergies can be reduced by eating locally grown vegetation. Sort of like one of the classic Star Trek episodes where the indigenous (sic?) population is protected from some horrible ailment affecting the crew.

need to live at the beach, man......
No allergies there:grin:
Unless it's to pretty girls in bathing suits:laugh:

I feel your pain like a mind-melding Clinton. I've tried Claritin, Claritin generic, prescription Allegra (just a heavier dose), Zyrtec and a whole lot of others. I still come back to the horribly drowsey Benedryl.

Every night I wake up at 5am and the roof of my mouth itches and there's nothing you can do about it. I try brushing (scratching) the roof of my mouth with a toothbrush but that just makes my nose run and my eyes water. I hate that the most.

So at about 5am (read: now) I take Benedryl on top of Claritin OTC and doom myself to a groggy morning. Benedryl knocks you out something fierce. It's like balloon headed cheap crack for allergy sufferers. My doctor told me not to take it because it's so horrible/brutal. Benedryl has the same ingredients as a certain sleeping pill and at the same time a stimulant.

Not good. I hope the trees stop having sex soon. They plant too many male trees in my area. I've heard it's because male trees are cheaper and are more likely to survive.

Not if I break out my flamethrower!!