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UPS bought Mailboxes, etc?

So apparently, when I wasn't looking, UPS bought almost all of the Mailboxes, Etc. stores around the country. They're now called The UPS Store. All I can say is about frickin time. MBE was a great way to overpay for shipping. Now you can pay standard UPS rates at the UPS Store, without that just reamed feeling as you leave.


Two things: 1.) Yes, MBE totally raped you w/their insane shipping charges. 2.) UPS is plan evil. There's no but's about it.

The last three items I shipped via UPS--professionally packaged, mind you--have arrived at their destinations damaged beyond repair. I'l emphasise that they were packed very well, yet the external damage to the boxes suggest that they were horribly mishandled by the drivers, the contents were destroyed.

I detest UPS, and I hate the fact that they've taken over MBE.

I have never had but the best of luck with UPS. I recieve a lot of packages from both UPS and Fedex and Fedex brings alot of damaged boxes, however I have never had a problem with UPS. USPS on other hand is much, much worse. I think alot probably depends on the area you are in, or at least I don't see what you are seeing.

Given the choice between USPS and UPS, well there is no choice: UPS is much faster and much more professional at ever level. Fed Ex is slightly better than UPS but you have to pay through the nose! This is no big surprise as there is accountability (probably too much!!) at UPS and Fed Ex and very little at USPS. USPS workers are generally just doing there time and getting a paycheck. Finally, always keep in mind, USPS is subsidized by our government so we are all paying for those very relaxed postal workers!