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IM Conversation between Steve and I.

(09:31) Schwa: did you get [Apple's] Soundtrack installed?
(09:35) Steve: not yet
(09:35) Steve: wife said that if i did i'd be up here inteh office for houras on end making music
(09:35) Steve: i've gotta finish painting hte hallway
(09:35) Steve: i think i'll install it next week
(09:36) Schwa: gotcha.
(09:36) Schwa: except....
(09:36) Schwa: if you made some "music to paint by" your painting would be much more productive. That, my friend, is how the mind of a master procrastinator works.

Yes, that is just a small glimpse into my fascinating brain.


Master procrastinator is definitely right! Thanks for the peek into your psyche :-)

I think you will enjoy A Conversation with Bevin. I added you to my friends list (required for commenting on my site) beause both Brandy and I really enjoyed your blog. We were impressed with not just the quantity but especailly the quality of your entries. I'd be honored if you will add to the conversation on my site!


Schwa? Whats that mean? Anything?

you reallly

you still suck but a lot more than b4