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Yes, an Octodog.



That's cool, but I'll use a knife to do it.

That's a cool variation on what I do for kids, I usually slice each end twice and when the hot dog cooks, the ends explode.

Kids love it, as do I!

oh. my. god.

i so need me one of those...


i loved your web site it made me laugh a bunch
see ya around school
brittani escalante

i watched your video i laughed alot we sould hook
up some time seya around school
love anomus

that's discusting. I lost my lunch looking at the pictures and the directions on how to do it. suddenly I got that , not so fresh feeling.

Ew!!! I don't think I could ever use that without feeling dirty afterwards - the instructions made me feel violated.

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This is like one of the gadgets which are popular in Japan.