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Gameboy Advance SP Special Edition?

This is what the 20th anniversary of Nintendo produces... an oddly colored SP.


that's actually...cool. It reminds me a lot of those old Famicoms my cousin had in Thailand.

That's the color of my Famicom.

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I don't really like it.

What? The bible is fake. It's alright if you believe in God but don't believe in that bullcrap called the bible.

!! SO COOL!! Where can I get one? :P

You can get it in Japan I think but Good lord :-O. All the other SPs suck but this is so cool ;-D. I just want this SP. Make it be released in America + Europe!

are you guys retarded it was a limited run only 1,000 were made and its not modeled after the famicom it was modeled after the famicom comtroller.

The top bit of the SP was the colour of the console, while the bottom bit is the design of the controler. I still want this bad boy(^_^). There's another limited edition SP released in America: Top bit black, bottom bit silver. I've seen a picture of it, but it's not really good. I'm sticking to the Famicom SP for now. I've also found out there's a new SP released in Japan. It has somthing to do with Super Mario Bros. Intrested :-)?

Erm, actully, this "new" SP I was talking about is actully a new Famicom Gameboy Advance SP! It's for people who couldn't get the limited edition SP and it looks even better. The pack consists of a Game Boy Advance SP that looks a lot like Nintendo's successful console plus Super Mario Brothers! A bunch of cartridges containing other classics like The Legend of Zelda, Pac-Man and more can be bought separately. Cool, huh?

The bundle costs 12,500 Yen (117 dollars) and it is being released on Valentines' Day in Japan.