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When spammers get lazy.

I received this email (aka spam) today. Clearly the guy is too lazy to even fill in the blanks. From: vicram1@mail.gr Subject: to buy dear sir, My name is Vincent ram , I am an indian and a car dealer. I specialize in used cars.I have a customer interested in purchasing your (.....type of commodity...) for the price of $0000.00., instead of $0000.00 for the (..... Name of commodity...) Please acknowledge my offer and indicate the present position of the item (send pictures in different views so we can access the face value of the order). On comfirmation I will instruct the buyer, to have the funds remitted to your account as soon as possible. I will arrange a pick up of the (item ), once payment is confirmed by you the seller. Thanks Vincent ram


That [ enter name of subject ] was the [ enter your feelings here ] [ enter subject here ] that I have ever seen.

It's funny how [ customise this part ] happens these days.

Please send money to me and I will [ enter offer here ].

Sincerly yours friend,
[ enter fake name here ]

I wonder where do those spammers get email addresses.:huh:

That just cracks me up.

Good article, I am fan into China art stuff