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Call Noah! We got a flood.

You know that leaky valve in your basement that you've been meaning to fix for three months but instead, you just put a little bucket underneath it? Well at some point in the middle of the night, mine popped. Ick. I awoke to a frantic crowd at my bedroom door saying that the basement was flooded. The basement, otherwise known as where my Mac, PCs, and oodles of useful and utterly useless electronic gadgets live. As I ran down the stairs in some jeans I found (otherwise it was Joshua in the buff - not a sight most want to see at 6:13am) I found more than an inch of water in the laundry room and a wall-to-wall carpet in the rest of the basement doing an amazing job pretending to be a giant Bounty paper towel. I ran out to Lowes and picked up a Shop-Vac.10 gallon 4hp wet dry vacuum and spent 3+ hours sucking up water out of my future mold farm known as this 30 year old rug. Good times. So far I've pulled up more than 5 gallons of water out of the rug itself, and other 10 or so from the cement laundry room floor. Now I have a fan blowing over half the room and a dehumidifier on the other half. If I manage to discover a new antibiotic (Joshicilin anyone?) I will let you know.