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David Blaine isn't a magician... he's just really bad at suicide.

His latest try has him suspended over the River Thames in London for more than six weeks. Good luck David, in whatever your goal may be.


No big deal.

The human body can go for 8 weeks with only water.

He's a winp.


Well honostly he's not doing it for you "steve" or me,he's doing it for himself and that is AWESOME GOOD LUCK DAVID you can do anything!!!!::grin::cheesy::wink::smiley:

omg, steve wat u chattin bout mate? david blaine is HEAVYYY! i nearly go everyday jus to c him in tower bridge ENGLAND (incase ur not frm london or nething), and like jennifer sed, he aint doin it for u or nething, hes jus doin it for himself,AND LIKE I SED B4, DAVID BLAINE IS JUS HEAVY!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE U TO BITS DAVID BLAINE!!!!XXXXXXX

hes a wanker innit

hes a wanker innit

these people who say these bad comments about him r the real wankers they are just cant do what he does.....i challeng any of them to live without water for more than 3 days u dickheads

I think David Blaine is a very clever man..

Magic is about illusion .. if u fool the audience then its magic..

the other component that David has is his rapport with people.. wether or not someone can live without water 4 3 days is besides the point

the fact is HE IS DOING IT! your not.. thats why hes now worth millions are YOU KNOCKERS are not.

who cares if hes a technically perfect magician
its only the Jelouse few who cannot get there ugly mugs on TV doing there card tricks that
are the ones really pissed

fact is .. David is great at what he does mainly because he understands the value of the media
in his line of work , which is no different to
a musician and actor , and in the USA a politician..

i wonder why its called show business ..

I think David is a great performer.. a showman
and a out of the box thinker.. good on him

the people who knock him are the fat bellied idiots down the pub who cant get it up enough to bonk

I will gut like a fish ANYONE who disrepects David Blaine here or anywhere.. do you understand?
Do you beleive in the supernatural?

I do .. i have those powers and i WILL USE them
if i see fit...

do not dis David thats your warning..

anyone who does .. do you feel that chill just over your right shoulder? .. thats me
i hear all voices and all thoughts..

you have been warned.

david blaine is da best magician evaaaa i met him at the book signing and his so sweet and kind