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His dad is richer than my dad.

Another in the series of emails I receive:

My name is Joshua two i think u r the coolest persn ever. hey are you rich? because my mom ids and she is a supermodel, and my dad is bill gates. and my dad is worth 829 billion dollars. more than ur dad makes. so anyways, i just thought that i would tell you that my dad is bill gates and my name is joshua two. ha ha i think u r great..
Josh two


He's lying :wink: :laugh: hahahahahhahaha:laugh:

if your father is so rich then your supermodel mother probably isnt your mother infact sheis more likely to be the ho on the corner of fith and grand!:wink:

hey that kids dad is not bill gates and i kno another Joshua. Is that u in that picture wen u were younger.:undecided::wink::huh: