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The Chicago Blackskins?

Charles has a must read entry about this.


Hello, it's weird how you type joshua.com and you find another website than yours. I love my name, whovh is pretty rare for a person i think and i really respect my parents for giving me this name. I live in France and everybody's calling me Joshua, they say it a bit different from the american way, but I'm used to it, and it still ounds good to my ears. One thing i hate when i come to see my mom in Connecticut is that new people I meet ask me my name, i respond Joshua, and they start like.. "so what are you studying JOSH"? i hate it, my name is Joshua and has always been, i agree you can call people Josh instead of Joshua, but when you ask for their name, why would you then change it? I simply don't understand.

Anyways, nice site here, the picture of you is really nice n funny, but what's behind you, what is that kind of wheel?


ps: this comment is not related to your post, just wanted to speak out, sorry about this.

My name is Joshua. You are Josh. josh. josh. josh. email me later Josh.

I wish the owner of jacob.com would do something with his website...makes me jealous of all you joshua's

Listen my children and you shall hear, the bloody knight of Paul Revere.
I don't care about you or anything else.
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gan i hava


Hey man whats up i just dont get your website and i am sorry. Just being at work being bored as h3ll is making me just browse and i wanted to know what kind of person you are. by looking at website i notice you might be someone who is everywhere at the same time and a little confusing which is just like me. Is this true?!?!?!