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State of Depression.

I can barely even talk about the game this morning. The feeling of sadness and depression throughout this fan is beyond compare. But the feeling of anger and resentment is even higher. It's not at the Red Sox players to be clear. This has been one of the best seasons and best teams I've ever seen out of this clubhouse. My anger lies solely with Grady Little. Now I am not a manager of a baseball team - not that anyone even confused me of being one. That being said, how in the world can you leave your pitcher out to dry like he did with Perdro last night. Perdro pitched 7 wonderful innings and managed to get out of a very dangerous jam at the bottom of the 7th. You have relievers that have been doing amazing things in this post season. Use them. Do not listen to your pitcher when he says "he's still got it" - it is your job, Mr. Baseball Manager, to recognize the "truth" and make the correct decision. You almost cost us the series in game 4 vs. Oakland when you left Burkett in for too long. And who in the world knows why Kim was even in any post game series. I haven't read one article or watched one news program once the Yankees had homered to win in extra innings. I am not sure what the rest of the world is saying right now about it. I know that when I saw Perdo walk onto the field in the 8th inning, I could only think of three words: Fire Grady Little.


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Josh - couldn't agree with you more. Somehow, I have to wonder if it's a cosmic irony that Chicago is taking the rest of October off as well. If there's a God, is he a Yankees fan?

Just rest assured that all of Boston is now uttering the following words: "Go Pats!!!"

You nailed it. Grady Little should be fired!

My parents had this 5" black & white portable TV perched on the bureau in their bedroom when I was a kid, and I remember jumping off the end of their bed and sticking my nose up against the bottom of the screen to watch Fisk's home run after it left the bat in Game 6. Thankfully, I can't remember anything about Game 7.

I do remember a cool, clear sunny October day 3 years later when I was eleven and my Mom showed up unexpectedly to pick me up a couple of hours early from the Spring St. Elementary School in Shrewsbury. (I'm pretty sure the excuse she told the principal was that I had a Doctor's appointment or CCD- I'm quite sure she didn't share the real reason she was picking me up early.) She drove me straight home and we walked downstairs and turned on the TV in time for me to see my hero Yaz smack a 2 or 3-run homer to put the Sox ahead early in the '78 one-game playoff vs. the Hated. Half my guts got ripped out when BuckyBleepingDent's popup hit the net above the Monster. The rest dribbled out onto the floor when I saw the look on Yaz's face when he saw the foul pop toward the left field seats was going to come up short of the seats and settle into the 3rd baseman's glove (Nettles?).

I can't even get into Calvin Shiraldi, Bob Stanley, Mookie & Billy Buck right now.

I actually had dreams last night/this morning that were a disturbing montage-movie blend of the bleeder popup Posada hit against Pedro and images of BuckyBleepingDent's popup into the net. Seriously. Yeah I know, pretty pathetic for a grown adult to have baseball nightmares, but I did.

Somehow, blaming all the gut-wrenching disappointment on one stupid manager's decision or or seeing the guy that made the bonehead non-move with Pedro get fired or even strung up upside-down naked from the Pesky Pole just doesn't seem like it's going to make me feel a lot better. (But then again I'm a Bleeding Heart Liberal that wonders how much capital punishment really helps the victim's family find closure. I know this is a stretch, but humor me, it's a similar line of thinking.)

Fire Grady, give him a 3-year extension for $5 million a year, or freeze him alive like Han Solo and set him up as a statue in Times Square. I don't care. Just make Posada's pop-up fall into somebody's glove the next time I dream about baseball.

:huh: im confused but this is a cool site. i feel depressed too.

It's only baseball, loser. Get a life.

Grady Little was fired, but some similar crap will happen next year...at least florida won :)