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SONY to ship PSX for $750

Sony will offer its PSX PlayStation-cum-personal video recorder for under $800, the consumer electronics giant said yesterday. Two models will ship later this year in Japan, one with a 160GB hard drive, the other with 250GB of hard disk storage - the latter enough to hold 13 and a half days' worth of TV programming.


Does anyone else think it's totally insane that the next generation Playstation is eight hundred freaking dollars!?! I don't care what it does, it's eight hundred freaking dollars. That, my friends, is ridiculous.

Hmmm. It does include a Tivo thing and if there's no annual fee, it's not that much more.

Can you say burning DVDs of your favorite movies! Whoa!

Still $800 is way to freaking much...
wait till they get the thing down to at least maybe $400:laugh: