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Odd FedEx Routing.

I live in Massachusetts, in case that wasn't clear. I have a package being delivered to me via Fedex. The tracking information led me to believe that it was going to show up a few days early since it was in Boston early Friday evening. Oddly enough, they decided to make me wait and send it back to Memphis for a visit with Elvis or something I guess. Odd. Have any odd FedEx or UPS shipping stories? Share! (OOPS. Finally fixed the link. Sorry.)


Maybe it never really went to Memphis?

I work for UPS. Don't let the shiny brown veneer fool you; there's no caramel inside. If you want a package there when you want it there...send it Fed Ex.

Should have used UPS

fed ex is subsidized by the US gov't...I'd rather ship UPS, a private carrier with a proven track record
if u want it there on time...UPS delivers