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TV I miss. TV I like.

Ok, I need to confess... remembeer that ridiculously over-hyped Fox series that you saw commercials for every 83 seconds during the world series? (It was called "Skin" in case you don't remember. Anyway, it was cancelled after three weeks. I Tivo'd it... and got hooked. It was great schlock TV and I can't see how they can cancel it after only 3 episodes. Anyway, I miss it. I wish fox would run the rest of the episodes for the hell of it, even at like 2am. Ron Silver was great in it and as a whole, I thought the acting was pretty decent. What else am I watching? Thanks for asking. The O.C. is really fun and have caught the first 2 episodes of a Line of Fire on ABC. It's decent, violent, and fun. It's no Sopranos but it's watchable, if you can FF thru all the commercials.


Hey Josh! Remember BoycottBuyMusic?

How about these?


and better



By the way, you do watch 24, right?! Best Fox show ever yet.