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Gimmick or improvement?

I have to admit when I first about Gillette's M3Power Mach3 razor, I was skeptical at best. This is the system with a tiny vibrator in the handle that you turn on while shaving. Well I finally broke down and purchased one last weekend. Hey, I gots to know!! Anyway, I must report that I really liked it. The idea of the whole thing vibrating while you shave for some reason just feels right. Is it really shaving any better than a regular Mach3 with a new blade? I am not sure but the experience of the M3Power is really nice. It feels great that it's buzzing and it seems to be cleaner and easier. Am I imagining it? Possibly but I am no so sure. I shaved quicker than usual and no cuts. Stay tuned or try one out yourself. Bzzzzzzz.