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Yankees Haikus

ARod Thin purple lips, 25 mil a year to cheat, have a nice winter. Brown Padres and Dodgers, they knew you're washed up, may your back never heal. Mussina Never got run support, Stuffed animals in the crowd, you're a secret f*g. Posada Always annoying, but life can't be that easy, looking like Splinter. Bernie Killed us for ages, nice hustle in game 5 bro, see you in April. Sheffield That swing is so dumb, like paying 50 K for cream, lame ass mercenary. Matsui rearry good creanup, untir a pitch at your face, made you a pussy. Lieber You throw one pitch well, and look like my drunk uncle, nice heave to bellhorn. And last but not least... Jeter So many darn rings, too bad you can't sell them all, for Helper T-Cells.