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Last night I had a dream.

I dreamed I was playing on the New England Patriots and the Superbowl was coming up in a couple of weeks. I was told by a friend that this sounds like a typical guy dream but I must admit in all my years of living and dreaming, I've never had the professional sports player dream. Anyway, in the dream, it's about 10 days away from the Big Game and I'm concerned that given my age and the fact that I'm on the thin side, that I may be a hinderance to the team. Aren't I considerate? I am debating when I should talk to Coach Belichick and discuss with him what my future with the Pats will be next year and that I probably won't be playing on the field any more - and did he imagine and good roles for me that didn't involve putting on a jersey. Then Teddy Bruschi shows up for practice wearing his game jersey and I tell him that I think the official game shirts look pretty good and was surprised he got his already. I think then my phone rang and the dream ended.