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Everything's almost working...

Well except for the fact that people can't seem to leave comments, oddly enough! How I am going to get my feedback, and clever snappy comments?! Stay tuned!


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Why doesn't commenting work?

You need to start posting again or give up this domain for other joshes around the world

Commenting here for your
perusal...No Penile enlargement
advert here..Just a hearty Hello!


Hi, I am Joshua too. Were do you live, how old are you? I'm writing in my dad's car with a blackberry. I live in Irvine, CA. I hope ill be hearing from you.

i have a virgin mobile phone and im tryin to get free ringtones cuz 2.5 is too much to pay for a ringtones

I am inquiring about your quest for free Virgin Mobile Ringtones. I have a Nokia 2115i. Any luck with this? Thanks in advance for your help, and how to get the ringtone.

Do you have a Virgin Mobile cell phone?
If so, send me an email at the link to the right if you want some free ringtones. Some friends of mine are testing a new service and need some Virgin Mobile users.


I have a virgin mobile cell phone and i wanted to know how to get the free ringtones. Its an Audiovox 6810. Thanx

So TASHA! what was that link? please gimmie that link i want free ringtones i gotta nokia 2115i a.k.a tha shorty well thanx email: testimony_2006@outgun.com

Scott, here is free ringtones site http://www.searchingringtones.com

In case you haven't noticed the comment stuff is working pretty well for you. Dozens of nonsense ones.

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