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What I've been watching...

Thanks to the wonders of TiVo and other forms of on-demand video downloads, I've found it a lot easier to watch shows on my own schedule. With the crazy hours I tend to keep from being part of a startup, a single dad, trying to get in regular exercise (volleyball, gym, etc...), as well as having any sort of social life, I find my avaible hours sporadic at best. This all being said, I feel like TV has actually taken an upswing in quality, once you filter out the ridiculous reality show crap that continues to be pervasive. So with that, I'd like to present some of the shows I'm currently either watching or waiting to come back. Please note the order is presented is arbitrary.

Battlestar Galactica
I first tried to watch this when the two-episode in 2003, I couldn't get through the first 20 minutes. I have this recollection of just a lot of silly character dialog and no real plot. After giving the first two "mini-movie" episodes or whatever they're called, another chance last week, I am not really sure what I was originally thinking. This is awesome science fiction drama. I've made it through the first two 2hr shows and have just finish the 2nd episode of the 1st regular season now, entitled "Water." I'm hooked and although I'm dying to ask my friends about it, most of them who watch this show are about 25 episodes ahead of me. I've clearly got a lot of catching up to do. Let's hope the quality remains at this level throughout.


Yeah, I know... me and the rest of the world is addicted to this show. Like many of the other shows I've been watching, I started watching this one late.... but still from the beginning. In other words, I had 20 episodes queued up before I even started viewing. I actually some how got it into my brain that there were only 20 episodes last season so imagine my surprise that after having a two-day marathon while sick and in bed, the season wasn't over. What's going on in this show? I still go by the theory that these guys are all actually dead and in some sort of purgatory where they need to make peace with their past and their devils. It's the only scenario that makes sense giving the number of times the castaways have seen "ghosts" in their past, in whatever form they manifest themselves.

Can this show be an better? Mary Louise Parker, upon whom I have a not-so-secret crush, plays the recently widowed mother of two boys who is selling weed to support her family. I had been saddened by Showtime's decision (?) not to renew Dead Like Me, as I'm a big fan of dark comedy. While weeds isn't as dark, it's certainly wicked funny as we say out here in the Boston area. Parker just won a Golden Globe last night for her role but don't hold that against her, or the show. This is an amazingly funny show while remaining human and touching at the same time. It's also not a glorification of drugs but neither a lecturer of the evils of marijuana. The show's been renewed and if I had to choose any cable show that I couldn't have lived with out last year, this would be it. While I enjoy Six Feet Under and Deadwood (and plan on getting to Sleeper Cell one of these days, none of them compared to Weeds.

Ok, I'm getting tired... next entry will include Family Guy, Grey's Anatomy, Boston Legal and my love/hate relationship with Invasion and The O.C. Yes, I said the O.C.


Although I have never watched Lost(work schedule won't permit such interaction), I can say that your theory is the best that I have heard thus far and could provide a longer and more interesting future for the show, which would only make it harder for me to catch up ;P

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