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More Shows... Mo'jitos!

Home 24

24! This time it's personal! Well isn't it always personal? Actually, I wouldn't know. I really enjoyed the first season of 24, many years ago but was unable to make it past the first few episodes of Season 2. Something about his annoying daughter and her inability to get help when needed and just hiding behind a dumpster basically soured it for me. Many people told me the second half of the second season was so good that it was worth giving it a second chance... but I never did.... till now. I started with the first four "hours" (actually about 42 minutes each) of 24 this week and I must admit I've been enjoying it so far. In typical 24 fashion, just when you think the plot twist is resolved, a bigger and badder guy is just around the corner. There's always a bigger fish. I must say that watching 24 with a big fan of all the previous seasons helps a bit, even though she hates Michael Chiklis and The Shield for stealing Emmy awards away. If she had actually ever watched even one ep of The Shield, we could at least have a discussion about it. I'll be writing more about The Shield soon. Anyway, to summarize, 24 Season 5 so far has been much more enjoyable than the first month or so of Season 2. If it manages to stay above water, and I hope it does, maybe I'll go back to Seasons 2 through 4 during the summer or on some long transatlantic flights.

Family Guy
Another show in the category of wtf was I thinking when I first watched this? This has got to be one of the funniest, if not the funniest show currently on network television... and by network I mean the big four. Every week I'm amazed by the level of humor as well as how far they'll go to push the line. If you've never seen these show or don't watch it cause it's a cartoon, you must try again. First of all, it takes place in Rhode Island... what could be better than a show in Rhode Island? I can't think of a funnier setting. But seriously, no show plays the "flashback" card as well as the writers from Family Guy. Each character has their own warped role on that show from Stewie trying to off his mother to Quagmire trying to sleep with every woman.

Lois Griffin: I feel like I've had this void all my life. Like there was a secret hole in me.
Glen Quagmire: Oh, God!
Lois Griffin: And I was trying to fill that hole with all these expensive things...
Glen Quagmire: Ooooh, God!
Lois Griffin: And I just enjoyed having all these things filling that hole.
Glen Quagmire: Ohhhhhhhhhh, God!
Lois Griffin: I guess I'm just going to have to sit back and let the penal system teach me a lesson.
Glen Quagmire: That one is also sexual.

I could write for hours about every episode, the great throw-backs to recent and no-so-recent popular culture, the ever-pregnant neighbor, but don't waste your time reading this... just watch that show.


i like that show, too.

I am one of the biggest fans of "Family Guy." as soon as Stewies new movie came out I was there in the store to buy it, and lucky for me my freind worked there and snaged me a cordboard poster to go along with the movie. anyways, c ya

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