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Verizon Small Business voice over is...?

While watching 24 tonight (guess what?!? there's a conspiracy!) they had a new (at least to me) commercial for Verizon Small Business and we were trying to figure out who does the voice over. It almost sounded like Kiefer Sutherland (aka Jack Bauer) but we weren't sure. Anyone else see/hear this and have any idea who it might have been? With Christian Slater doing the voice overs for the Panasonic laptops, it seems to be celebrity endorsement night.


My husband thought the same thing but I didn't think it was him. Still trying to confirm the identity.

oh it's definately keifer.. no doubt in my mind.. he also does the new intel processor inside the mac commercial! my hero!

Heeeelllloooo everybody. My name is Dylan but everyone just calls me Joshua. I am a cheerleader at Callisburg and if you would like to contact me, just toot your whistle and I'll be there. Hugs and Kisses. Yours Truley

I work for verizon...it's Kiefer

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