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iPod Hi-Fi aka "Take me outdoors and crack my iPod!"


Apple - iPod Hi-Fi was the big announcement today. Well there were some Intel Mac Minis as well. Giant surprise... but the Apple iPod Hi-Fi... really? That's it? Ok, everyone else made a much bigger deal about today's announcement than Apple did clearly. No "real" video iPod, no DVR, no iPony, etc... but the iPod Hi-Fi? In such a crowded market, this is there entry? Oh look it takes batteries... now that is genuinely exciting until you try to figure out two things... 1. how long is the battery life? and 2. I play a lot of out door volleyball and am continually looking for an outdoor iPod music solution. This is not it. This is an invitation to crack your iPod in half. One direct or even indirect hit on this thing with your iPod mounted from a volleyball, soccer ball, football, kite, frisbee, toddler, dog, pigeon, or drunken friend and your iPod is iToast. Pretty? Yes. Sounds good? I would expect no less. Functional? Ick. So I still wait for my perfect outdoor iPod solution.

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