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Ford Commercial Hell (aka Taylor Hicks, please shut up.)

Myc News-V3
If you watch the Red Sox on NESN in the Boston area, you know exactly what I am talking about. Every commercial break during each and every Sox game broadcast, they air the Ford "Possibilities" advertisement with Amercian Idol's Taylor Hicks singing the least catchiest jingle in broadcast history. Sometimes you get the commercial twice in one break. It's pathetic and is making watching NESN close to unbearable. Can't their ad sales people get some additional sponsors? It's the Red Sox... all we can get is Ford and Toyota Summer clearance every break? At least the Toyota ads don't make you scream "IT'S BURNSES" every time you see or hear one.


Will someone PLEASE make him go away! How the f%$* did he win American Idol?

It was cool at the beginning of the summer because I'd predicted he would win from the start...but by about, oh, two weeks later, I threw up a little bit each time I heard the ad's initial fanfare.

Ford made me say it: I no longer support Taylor Hicks.

That and I'm ashamed to own an Escort.

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