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Does Sudafed PE actually work?

Sudafed Pe

I've had this horrible head cold for three straight days now. Sudafed had to put it's old Pseudoephedrine-based product behind the counter of the pharmacy due to abuse. Seriously? Dude... I want to get TOTALLY decongested tonight... let's drop six boxes of the little red pills. I look at their FAQ but nothing was written about if this new PE stuff actually works and so far, I'd have to say no. I am still region's #3 phlegm producer. Bah!


That's because the active ingredient in the original Sudafed formula - pseudoephedrine - is used to manufacture methamphetamine.

Sudafed PE doesn't work, at all. When asked why they sell it, an anonymous source in their central distribution office said "Because people buy it."

This is a great example of paranoid anti-drug lobby claims affecting the rest of us private citizens. Because some yokels can cook meth out of this junk en masse shouldn't mean that we normal folk have to suffer. I would rather tens of thousands of toothless hicks smoking meth made of sudo than see a billion people suffering head colds.

It's all about mitigating circumstances. Just like codeine. Where I live--Australia--our pharmacists guild cite US crime statistics as cause to make anything with codeine prescription only.

The ridiculousness of restricting medication has nothing to do with preventing criminality, criminals will cook meth out of anything, and anyone with a biological chemistry degree knows that there are more ways to get from A to B than there are reagents (ie: you can restrict access to anything you want but there are always millions of easy ways to make whatever you need because that's just the way chemistry works, you aren't making it harder on the meth cooks just on your own sick citizens)!

It's all about keeping you dependent on the medical system, needing a script, needing to consult a pharmacist, needing to see a specialist, needing to incur extra costs for something you COULD buy over the counter and treat yourself with because it's practically harmless.

Nothing is practically harmless these days. The nanny-staters and beigests will have you convinced your neighbour is a terrorist and your cat is a serial rapist. Sleep with one eye open; the state dependency era has begun and everything is going to rape you in the butt!

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