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Dungeons and Dragons Haikus

800Px-Dungeons And Dragons Game

Wow, lots of great participation here, including myself... of course I am disqualified from winning and buying myself drinks, but hey, got to join in the fun!

18 HPs
D20 rolls a 19.
you are dead. sorry.

Dungeons and dragons
I’ve never played it before
But I hear it’s gay

dungeons are dreary
dragons don't even exist
never played the game

master dragon rests
dreams of role playing go on
farewell sir gary gygax

dungeon master rules
knows all the secrets you need
farewell our master

roll eight sided dye
now lying slain, Gary Gygax
nerds crying tonight


Rolling the dice now
Sweat builds fast on my forehead
Shit! Think I just died

Dark, cold, damp dundgeon
My foot deep in dragon poo
Tenacious D rocks

who's Gary gygax?
leader of dorky gamers,
no more hit points left.....

dungeons and dragons
why do i know it?
I share a cube with IT

Despite it seeming like it has an "anti-alternative lifestyle" comment in its verse, I have to give Linda's Haiku first place for this category. Not only did I actually LOL, but the joke-within-the-joke of calling it gay really made me laugh. If you're not familiar with any type of "modern" online gaming, let alone teen-speak, if you're doing something uncool, it's called gay. However, much of the population who plays AD&D Online, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, City of Heroes/Villians, etc. would be the exact population who would call you gay for messing up in the game. Was Linda this observant of the entire gaming population, its characteristics, flaws, and vernacular? Was she being über clever? Or was she just lucky and I'm reading way too much into it? Hell, I've never even met her! But regardless, congrats to Linda - I owe you a drink - if/when our paths should cross!

TODAY'S and this WEEKEND'S topic... Video Games! Also, starting today, one of the weekly winners will get to chose a topic next week... so Linda, since I've just announced this new feature, you're in charge of a topic next week. Email me your entries everyone to haiku AT joshua DOT com. Thanks!


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