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Video Games Haiku


video games on
bf does not let me play
he is now an ex

Got Guitar Hero
a present from awesome friends
someone to play with?

Mario Brothers.
Gay plumbers with attitude.
Gamer's platitude.

Mushroom power up
A, A, B, B, Up, Down, Up
Kiss my ass turtles!

I joined Xbox Live
Ten year old just kicked my ass
Then insults my mom...

I suck with joysticks
I miss my mouse and keyboard
I'd frag your face good

Fifty inch plasma
In Rock Band I can play all
Skin Junkies rock out!

One more sleepless night
Countless epic trips to new worlds
Hot TV glow tan

pong so slow and calm
pac man chases ms pac man
guitar hero wins

pong is for stoners
centipede is for speeders
all can play the wii

read a book then play
don't fry your brain on gaming
learn to relax some

i played wii last night
my right shoulder really hurts
holy shit i'm old

It's a tie today btwn Jean's ex-boyfriend and Lucas' Mario Bros... though there seems to be some debate about whether Mario is two or three syllables... I am confident it's three but Jacky seems to think it's only two... must be some weird Venezuelan thing. Today's topic is Daylight Savings Time. Send your Haikus to haiku@joshua.com


Shawn and Gus Leverage Season 5 DVD investigate an exsanguinated body and, as luck would have it, Lassiter's mysterious new lady friend.

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