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Daylight Savings Time Haikus


So hard to wake up
Rays of sun are barely there
Saved instead for night

Hold my pillow tight
Going back to the future
Time travel tonight

Daylight savings time,
does not help my head. Give me:
Mental savings time

Something in my eye
Sleep deprivation again
DST sucks balls

What is an hour?
Such a costly anal pain
Really, why bother?

daylight savings time
welcome back spring and summer
happy birthday lou

Spring forward, fall back
wish this was Arizona,
would not have to deal....

Daylight savings time
Not observed here in AZ
Now 3 hours behind

Turn my clock ahead
It's so good to see the sun!
Summer is here soon.

Daylight savings time
This topic was my idea
And I’ve got nothin

Update: Upon further reflection, I really like Jacky's time travel one. It's not funny but it's the most poetic. Linda would probably have some disparaging comment about it liking it to playing D&D (just kidding!!!) so I'm going to give it first place.

No clear winner (or loser?) today. I felt that they were all good but nothing stood out as above and beyond. Clearly a lot of people are ready for the summer. Except those in Arizona, you just suck for not having snow or cold weather and taunting us w/ your "I'm playing volleyball in the sand tonight" comments. Today's contest, in the honor of the current governor of NY, Eliot Spitzer: Prostitution. Please submit to: haiku@joshua.com


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